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About Us

King & Stone began with a simple mission – make it easy to look great, all year long!

The founders of King & Stone are two technology professionals who have been working with online retailers for over a decade and noticed that there is a fundamental problem with existing shoe stores and the way men want to buy products in the digital age.

Guys want to have shoes that look and feel good, without the hassle of traditional brick & mortar stores, nor the overly complicated shopping experience of online marketplaces that, by their nature, are oversaturated with choices.

Out of this need was born the idea of King & Stone, a new way to buy shoes and stay on-trend with stylish designs at an affordable price. We make it easy to stay up to date with a no-hassle subscription model, offering one new pair of shoes every season (every 3 months) to our subscribers.

Every element of King & Stone is designed with our mission in mind: our style, our prices, and the buying experience for our customers.

King & Stone is headquartered in California and ships throughout the USA.