How it Works

For $25/month, never worry about shoes again!*

When you subscribe to King & Stone, you receive your first pair of shoes right away. Then every season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) choose one new pair from a highly curated selection of styles. Skip or cancel at any time.

Step 1

Choose your size & style
Tell us your shoe size and which style you would like for your first pair of King & Stone shoes.

Step 2

Choose a plan
Seasonal subscriptions cost $75, broken up into $25/month payments. To get started, either prepay for one season of shoes, or for a discounted four seasons subscription (one year). All plans auto-renew until cancelled.*

Step 3

Get shoes!
Your first pair arrives within 10 business days of subscribing. Then, every season (every 3 months), choose from a highly curated selection of styles for as long as you are subscribed - skip or cancel at any time.*
*For more detailed information please see our How It Works and FAQ sections